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Trydent (Twin Motor)

A Precision Engineered, High Performance Off-Road Hydraulic Winch

The Trydent winch system is the competition twin motor winch from us that is designed to meet the needs of the serious competition events or situations a vehicle will encounter in challenge events.

With its twin motors it now gives you the flexibility for hydraulic winching that can 'with the right hydraulic pump setup' allow you to achieve a twin speed hydraulic winch from a flick of a switch on your dash. This can only be done effectively with a twin motor setup with the Trydent and the associated correct pump setup.

It will effectively and reliably recover you and your vehicle when you most need it. Its power and recovery ability will remain constant throughout the winching process.

The Trydent winch is part of a group of winches that have undergone extensive testing. The precision engineered, high performance winch is capable of operating in the most demanding of situations. The small compact size combined with its superior pulling power make it an ideal winch for maximum impact when faced with minimal installation space.

Purchasing Options


The winch is driven via two 75cc hydraulic motors supplied with 2 x ½" BSP ports.

A solenoid valve can be supplied to control this winch. Various products can be supplied to control the solenoid valve remotely. From a dash mounted switch to a wireless remote, please ask for details.

Winch Drive System

The winch drum is painted on the core to support the capstan effect performed on the drum by the rope tightening under load. A minimum of eight (8) wraps of the drum must be seen on the first layer before winching under load.

The drum is supported at each end by a world leader in roller bearing technology. This allows for the smoothest and most efficient winching compared to the industry standard plain bearing technology.

Drum Capacity & Pulling Material

Maximum length of 40m (90ft) of 12mm diameter synthetic rope
All rope variants can be supplied, please ask for details or see rope section under winch accessories


Single speed spur gear gearbox with fully integrated hardened gears made from high grade alloy steel. The ratio of the gears: 6:1.

Performance Data

High Load Line Pull, Reliability, Durability...this is what this winch represents without question...

At 200 Bar Hydraulic Pressure at 36 L/min (assumed engine speed of 1000rpm):

Both motors running and being fed from a single pump:

1st Wrap 4500kg
1st Wrap Line Speed 15m/min (45ft/min)
4th Wrap 3800kg
4th Wrap Line Speed 20m/min (60ft/min)

One motor running and the other idle (circulating) being fed from a single pump:

1st Wrap 2300kg
1st Wrap Line Speed 30m/min (90ft/min)
4th Wrap 1480kg
4th Wrap Line Speed 40m/min (120ft/min)

Braked Data

The winch can have a braked unit fitted, adding even more control. Please ask for more details if interested in this option.  

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  • Is hydraulic slow....

    In a short answer no.....

    Hydraulic winches depend on two things for their speed...the pump system and the hydraulic motor size.

    The bigger the pump the more fluid therefore the faster the motor turns.

    The smaller the motor the faster it has to spin to pass the fluid through

    So if you have a big pump (36cc or more) and a small motor (100cc or less) you will have a fast hydraulid winch

    Only word of caution:

    If you reduce your motor size much below 125cc you will find the power it has to pull your vehicle out of trouble is reduced.

    The size of your pump effects volume and flow of does not have any significant effect on your pulling power, this is down to the size of your motor fitted to your winch.

  • Where is the brake on a hydraulic winch?

    Unlike an electric winch a hydraulic winch for competition use rarely has an actual mechanical brake.
    Instead the holding force of the winch is generated using an over centre valve (OCV) which is plumbed into the winch hydraulic circuit.


  • Are RED Winches customer focused...


    Our whole business has been built on supplying what the customer needs at a price that is fair to the performance you receive.

    This involves a few basics

    • Listening to the needs and wishes of our customers to deliver customer focused solutions and products
    • Ensuring the products we deliver are to the higest possible standards we can achieve
    • Reacting in good time when a customer requests help or advice
  • Do we charge VAT or Tax

    Yes & No......

    How we tax you in the UK, EU and the rest of the world is:

    • In the UK all products sold will have VAT added at the rate ruling at the time of purchase, currently 20%
    • All countries in the European Union (EU) will be charged VAT / TAX at the UK rate of 20% unless you provide a VAT number from your country
    • If you are within the European Union (EU) and can provide a valid VAT / TAX number we will not apply any tax to your purchase
    • Any countries outside of the UK and EU will not be charged any tax on their purchases  

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