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Snatch Ring 18T

The snatch ring

Our RED Winch "Snatch Rings" offer a strong, lightweight and safe alternative to the traditional metal snatch block.
The "Snatch Ring" fits perfectly into a pocket or glove box. This makes it an ideal accessory to have in your truck for overlanding expeditions or in competition when your co-driver is having to climb steep slopes.
The picture opposite shows a 16mm Soft Shackle being used with one of our 18T RED Winch Snatch Rings.
Frictional losses are not as big as one might think, especially when using low friction line such as Dyneema or Plasma.
The Advantages
Lighter and smaller than a conventional steel or aluminium pulley block, these Snatch Rings are a popular alternative for many applications where traditional blocks once ruled. Instead of rolling on a pulley sheave, the active line with a ferrule merely slides on the inside smooth surface of the ring.
Because it weighs very little, it is less likely to cause injury if it strikes a crew member in the unlikely event the truck rolls and it hasn't been secured.
It is easy to store in your truck cab, doesn't damage surrounding kit, doesn't rust and can be used for in far more situations that a traditional steel shackle. See image below of the 80kN Ring on the left and the 180kN Ring on the right of a traditional steel 5T snatch block.

Sizes / Strength

Our "Snatch Rings" have been extensively tested. The ideal strength can approach five (5) times the line strength if required. This means when attached to a typical winch line, it is likely the winch line will break long before the "Snatch Ring" does.
Outer Dia: 145mm,
Inner Diameter: 45mm
Rope Running Diameter: 10-14mm
Soft Shackle Rope Diameter: 14-16mm
This "Snatch Ring" is published and rated / certified to the figures above.

This product is not to be used with steel D-Shackles or Bow Shackles. Only Soft Shackles should be used


Tough, practical, quick and safe. These rings have worked well in the field.
In competition use, for the amount of times you actually need one, we feel it is a much more practical accessory to have in your truck than the heavy traditional snatch blocks.
Our testing has show that using the larger diameter Soft Shackle works best with recovery situations. Giving much bigger factors of safety in the line and a more practical feel to them. The larger rope spreads the loads much more efectively and produces very little friction or heat during the recovery process.
Our recommendation is to use 14mm soft shackle with this "Snatch Ring"

Purchasing Options



RED Winch offers these "Snatch Rings" currently in three sizes, 50kN (5T), 80kN (8T) & 180kN (18T)
This page / item is for the 180kN (18T) version
When using soft shackles we recomend at least an 8" or 200mm diameter loop. This loop size is much easier to work with when using our Snatch Rings.
Many soft shackles are made too small for practical use. the 200mm loop is ideal for all situations.


7075 T6 Aluminium Alloy
Hard Anodised
Laser Marked

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